"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

More Alarm

Frank sends in this gem from the bowells of the US Trust slavetemp-worker dens:

Have you checked out any of the photos from this NY Times article. Dude, just from the outset, it looks like young republicans just never get laid. It's as if they gave up on trying to get poontaing and just decided that they'd try getting rich instead. Young lefty's are much much hotter. I think there should be a contest.

Also, I actually got a legit email today from the USA Flag Balloon people I talked about yesterday. I belive it was Terri, the wife in the couple/duo which run the operation. She was quite cordial, and asked why I thought they were about hot gas. Here's what I sent back:

About the hot gas. I'm into the constitution, have been for a while, but I find the recent wave of patriotism to be somewhat vacuous and ergo disturbing. Seems too much like nationalism, full of empty gestures and grandiose posturing.

I mean, if you're serious about furthering interest in the roots of the country and the precepts on which it was founded, I think there are better ways to use your money than to have a giant flag balloon.

It all kind of reminds me of how my stepmother is sometimes: really ardently into right-wing America mainly because she's never stopped to deeply consider the issues beyond what she learned in college economics (free market == good) and the O'Rilley talking points. We usually debate, and since she's actually pretty smart sometimes I can get her to see how some of her beliefs are a bit unresonable.