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Moamar: Back In The Fold

Well, I managed to recover my pickup from a lot in Contra Costa County today. It was an ordeal: trips to two police stations, a cab ride to nowhere in San Pablo, $650 in impound fees, and the discovery that some strange and dirty business had been going on. In addition to stripping out the last bits of my stereo, the thieves removed my futon from the bed and left a couple car batteries, and some other hardware back there. Plus about 1000 new miles on the odometer. Moamar! What happened?

This is all very frustrating, especially the bureaucratic runaround. Nobody seems to really know how anything works. The fees are an insult too (aren't I the victim here?), but luckily I can afford them and am fortunate not to lose the vehicle completely, so I'll can swallow it. But the whole thing makes me realize one again just how deeply fucked you are if you're poor in this country. Anything goes wrong and your back is up against the wall. It's a real shitty situation.

Anyway, it's interesting experience at least to see into the world of police stations and towing companies. To be honest, I really wish we didn't have such a car-centric culture. I think it would be a nicer country that way.


I'm curious as to the method the thief used to start your truck. ..perhaps you should install a hidden ignition cut-off switch to prevent this from happening again.
Over the last couple years it seems like a lot of stuff is being stolen from you. Whatsadeal?

I think cut-off is the best piece of security I've ever purchased.

Mine is hidden in the glove compartment of my truck and while it's pretty obvious what's going on if you lift the hood, from the inside all you can say is "ok, I'm hotwiring the ignition and nothing is happening, wtf"? At that point, I think most thieves would just walk away and look for something else easier to take. The other option is to put a padlock on the hood (as I did) and then it's a $30 solution that stops 100% of thieves.

I'm considering getting The Club at this point, but the whole thing is really a downer. I don't like having to manage a lot of keys, have been really enjoying living out where you don't have to lock yr doors, etc. I don't want to let The Fear get to me as a result of this.

Over the last couple years it seems like a lot of stuff is being stolen from you. Whatsadeal?

Must be Karma from all the hearts I've stolen. OH! BAM! HIGH FIVE!

Seriously though, I don't know that I've been more a victim of thevery than average. Prior to this I had an ipod shuffle lifted (from the truck) on St. Patricks day. Prior to that a bike wheel in late 2005. It's true though that I don't put an awful lot of attention into tracking material things, or to put it another way that I'm careless with my stuff. That probably contributes.

As suspected, there was no mechanical trickery needed to start the rig. I assume he had a key (or a screwdriver) that was close enough to make it work. Mark has started my truck before with a key to an isuzu trooper.

I totally agree that cars can be a big ass burden. The thing that wiggs me out is that it doesn't matter how much money you put into a car, it's still going to cost you a lot of money. A beater or a beemer will still cost you $650 to get outta hock, still need insurance gas etc. A car is just another big, black hole of worry. Aside from mechanics telling me it looks good and all the research I did, I have no idea whether my car will go another 500 or 50,000 miles. Just another big sword hanging over my head. That said, it's going to reach 102 today and I'm biking my ass to work.