"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

Memorial Day

Won at scrabble today:

Sasha: 226
Josh: 357

Bayback is a bitch.

Spent some much needed time with the lovely lady yesterday/today. All I had for the weekend was a little closeout manual labor arranged by my man Sam, yesterday evening down at the Clambake -- a meeting of theatrical design people so fucking invitation-only that it doesn't even have a website. After that bit of heavy lifting it was all gravy. Had girlfriend time and also time to fiddle with Kevin's new/used copy of Vice City, what a time-consumer that could become.

Best quote of the weekend comes via Archie, the EMT dispatcher and vetran of some 17 years ambulence driving who's a regular at my corner bar. "There's more to saving a life than just making a heart beat." Amen to that.

Heavy moments here and there, and few furtive, nervous, project-seeking urges; but it was sublime idle pleasure for the most part. Today was Jeremy's 24th birthday. Much debauchery at the Lyric. I am now committed to getting him and his damn website up and running.

And now to stare at my celing for a while. 4am, just waiting for sleep.

Enough with the coy realisms, let's be honest. I'm fucked up here. You are getting the locked on shit straight from the monkey-brain. I'm high on a few drugs, So realize what an effort it is to type and what it all means. I'm plugged into the mainline direct via my asshole, open to connections so you don't have to be. Honest.

  • Doc is right: the matrix is marketing. You be energy-providing meat, we entertain.
  • Got an email from Kayla van Allen. Gotta update that page.
  • Try to move Axiom to Friday the 6th of June.
  • Sasha as a NPR talk-radio hostess. The topic: sex as a general anesthetic.
  • Get in touch with some theaters about hosting Fray Day NYC.