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Matrix Reloaded

I was reading a little more about the Matrix Reloaded and having seen it on Friday, thought I might throw my opinion your way. No spoilers, I promise.

There were a lot of little things I liked about the movie. It was pretty good as comic book action goes, though some of the action sequences -- like some of the dialogue -- seemed to belabor the point a bit. I also liked all the sexuality and the idea that in the future black people are in a lot of leadership roles. I really like all the strong style choices, the different color schemes for different parts of the universe, the mix of high tech and low life. But the plot was a bit thin for 150 minutes of screen time, and without any of the great surprises of the first. The "intellectual" aspects of the film felt forced at times, even redundant, the whole ball of wax perhaps a bit too stridently zen at the expense of story.

Still, I think it's an interesting step in film-making, and it was entertaining. Also, if it makes a lot of money, it might open the door for other pop-culture artifacts about Big Ideas. That could be cool.