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On A Less Heady Note

On a less heady note, here are two things to enjoy.

First a link to everyone's favorite lost rebel, the crackademic, who has a fucking brilliant gonzo account of his recent excursion to Copenhagen. Some choice quotes:

bq. I recruited some loafing street children to find me a place to eat. While this gave me fleeting delusions of gangsterdom, the children were ultimately unsuccessful.

bq. Ultimately when I meet a woman for the first time, and she can't stop talking about her sex life, it's a turn off. In my experience these women are usually batshit crazy.

bq. This scratches the surface of my subtle unease around all old Germans: Is that leather that Grandpa's wallet is made of? If I opened the Ark of the Covenant would his face melt off? You know what I mean.

There's more, including a 7-step recipe to 7/11-inspired charm, hot Brazilian girls into Corporate Social Responsibility, some vague hints at what our man in Germany is actually working on, and so on. He's a great writer, and the flow is worth appreciation. A they say, read the whole damn thing.

After that, all I have is a short video I dug out of my camera that shows some of the road I went 17 miles down last month to camp on a derelict mining claim. I post it because it communicates, I think, the reasons why I like doing that sort of thing:


I watched that video three times in a row. So beautiful, so remote. I miss that world so much just seeing it brings me to the verge of emotional collapse. Too bad the nice weather will be gone by the time I get back. . . .

September/October is prime time. We'll be out in the thick before you know it.

That's not a very nice thing to write....
I think the reason women who talk and have sex a lot are a bit crazy is because they have too much psychic and other energies....they can't find men on their level and screw up their chances by speaking too much about themselves when they could be channelling their kundalini shakti energies more effectively.

(pauses for breath)