"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

Keep Bouncing

So I struggle for relevance, trying to keep everything spinning the way it needs to spin. Axiom went off last night and I'm bouied by the whole thing. I love it. People share. People laugh. People hook up afterwards and have sex. It's a real thing, and it gives me strength and passion and a sense of well being.

Also, for anyone thinking about or running a website, a piece of advice. Letting your yankee doodle sweetheart know about some other girl you hooked up with -- even if it was way back when, before things were serious -- via the public internet is not likely to engender good feelings. Maybe I have a secret inner subconscious thirst for scorn. Dunno. But here's the real story of Sasha and Josh.

And now with Janes Addiction pumping new wine into my exquisite corpse, I feel like exploring a new trail. I feel very high on life, but maybe I'm just a day tripper. I want to be more than I am, and maybe that starts with leaving the house more, with not disclaiming so much, with full automatic guns blazing honesty. The road to utopia is charted with the ability to open it all up.

Other News

I know this is all over blogdom, but William Gibson is discontinuing his. His reasons are apt: it hurts his creative process. This gives me pause, for I can feel that all this content I push out might stand more of a chance if I were patient and considered and coelesced my energy. Food for thought.

Finally, a website and concept I know and love and don't link to often enough. If you're looking for soul, splash around in the storytelling pond of the fray.