"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."


The clickyclackityclickyclack is starting to decline and the power-stroke is coming on; foot pedal crank gear chain gear hub spoke wheel rubber road -- streaming away into the past along with time's arrow, freewheel burning. Tomorrow I should be signing for an apartment. The signal to noise ratio is improving as the number of moving parts in my life approaches a managable level. Meeting people is easy, business is falling into place with the power of superconducting magnets. We're definitely in sync with the laws of physics here. Plus I got a new toy!


See my new haircut? Thanks kim!

I could get soft out here... iSights, Aeron chairs (50% off at the .com repo furniture warehouse; I kid you not) and an office with a retractable roof in a place where it's seemingly sunny all the time. The only thing we lack is a good stock of juiceboxes in the fridge.

So hopefully the momentum will continue as the process becomes streamlined. Rumble young man rumble; looking forward to setting up camp here in the Bay, maybe even meeting some girls. I picked up a few phone numbers last weekend, but life has been such a fireball I haven't followed up on any of that. Young girls; I don't even know how to talk to them. Suppose I better learn.

If you're feeling a little blue, maybe you just need a group hug. It takes your confession -- some are just brilliant -- and displays it in charming style. I like; helps if you write all lowercase, like ee cummings, who I recently discovered was one handsome man.