"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

Iraqi Election Results

I've been watching the results of the elections in Iraq with some interest. I'm still not sure where the Kurds are at with everything. Some news suggests they're onboard with the Shia Islamic alliance that swept into near-complete control; at the least I haven't seen any news about Kurts protesting the results as Sunnis and non-theocratic Shias have been. I'm not sure how their position is looking in light of everything.

And now this:

It has long been suspected that Sunni Arabs are severely underrepresented in the new military and police.

But the new voting results, which elections officials say include most of the ballots cast by Iraqi military and police, are a sign of how complete the reversal of the fortunes has been for the Sunnis, who ran those security forces under Saddam Hussein.

Basically it would appear that the Iraqi army and police we are equipping are a completely different population of people than the Iraqi army that we disbanded after invading the country. You wanna know what that means? There there are two armies in Iraq.

UPDATE: via John Robb, the Times is now reporting that 45% Iraqi Army votes went for Kurdish candidates. 40% went Shia. Curiouser and curiouser...