"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

I Love You America. You're Crazy But I Love You

It's nice to have a bloodless revolution every once and a while. It looks like America's cool with the Black President, wants to smoke pot and uneasy about queers marrying. That last bit is disappointing, but is still just a matter of time.

Still counting ballots in lots of races. I'm pulling for Carolina and Missouri, and I do believe that Merkeley will blow past Smith in Oregon, as it's a few thousand votes and Multnomah and Lane counties are only half in. Those are both the big population centers, and most strongly Democratic areas, so we should be good.

Anyway, working the day away. It was a big party in NYC. Hopefully a big party everywhere else too.


The second state to pass a death with dignity law [aka doctor-assisted suicide], albeit 10 years after Oregon.