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I Have Returned

The Summer of the Hassle -- now the official name -- rolls on.

I'm back up in Eugene now, the old home country, after spending a weekend off the grid in the Redwoods with Luke and Mark. It hasn't been an easy season for anyone, and while my personal fortunes seem to be making a glacial but much needed turnaround, others are feeling the heat. There are stories to tell; an all-night ride on a jam-packed greyhound on windy Hwy 101; a park ranger intent on making his authority known; a punishing hike with foolishly overpacked bags; good times around a driftwood campfire; all the personal moments you can really expect from such an excursion. It was good we made it happen.

Small triumphs abound, even as the big clouds continue rolling in off the coast. I've got a lot of work to do.