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I Ain't Gonna Work On Maggie's Farm No More

Today was my last day of being a full time Lead Developer for Trellon LLC. I'm going to stay on in a reduced capacity to make sure that the projects I'm involved in continue to work out well, but I won't be taking on anything new unless it's special, and that would be on a contract basis. In a substantial way, my time is now my own.

This is all part of the plan to free me up for the summer. I'll be living in Westhaven, writing a thousand words a day, working on The Democrobot and generally preparing for the next cycle of activity.

It's been a nice steady run here in Park Slope. I've paid off some debts, enjoyed a quieter NYC life, had plenty of good moments, but I'm looking forward to jumping out of the comfey little rut I've made. I'm looking forward to trying to stake a new career claim. I'm looking forward to getting creative, to getting more physical exercise, to getting out into nature a bit.

Plenty of whacky internet adventures to come. Stay tuned for all the excitement.