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Hit The Road

I'm about out. The travel plan is thus:

  • Tonight: Westhaven w/Mark
  • Friday: San Francisco; get-together at Drummy's at 10pm
  • Saturday/Sunday: Vegas summit for Trellon
  • Monday: Round about Denver, prolly Motel seis
  • Tusday: Iowa Farmhouse
  • Wednesday: Chi-town, Dave and Jessica
  • Thursday: NYC -- probably very late

This is a savage and greuling marathon schedule, with multiple 700-mile legs. However, with the exception of the final push to NYC, the long legs include vast stretches of mostly empty country where high speed driving is the rule. I figure if I can average 75 on those stretches, 10-hours of driving isn't out of this world. I can break it up with catnaps or whatever too.

I picked up a 400W DC inverter from GI Joes that will run off the cigarette lighter. This is a better deal than all those specialized converters: it'll run anything I have a power plug for and it's got clips to hook direct to a battery, so it can be used for all sorts of other things too. This'll keep my laptop and cellphone alive while I drive, so I'll be rocking out to tunes, audiobooks and podcasts.

I'll post when I can, but no promises there. See you New Yorkers soon though, and all you in-between peeps sooner.