"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."


This is a smart move; electable is the word that comes to mind.

She should be getting it out on YouTube.


A few initial thoughts...

It brings things out of the 30 second soundbite. The sheer length of talks give her the ability to say something substantive... now if she just would (i.e. say something bolder than what she is)

The range covered is good - she's hitting many major issues and several not so major. Its an interesting tactic if the public can keep up with it. The old standard 'Get the public to see things as yes or know' seems to be out the window here. Don't know if thats good strategically speaking, but I like to see somebody get on more than one soapbox at a time.

Transcripts available. Not that they wouldn't be with the video there, but it makes it easier for quoting her.

Good move in general. Waiting to see competitive response to it.

Gotta say, it was working, not that it would sway me, but I was impressed with much of the production values and the framing and the reinforcement of key points until about 65% way through when she says something like "the relationship between the people and the government needs fixing and it's been 'one-sided' for the last six years.

That insurgent, outsider talk works for governors or 3rd party candidates or somebody who, oh, I dunno, hasn't BEEN the government for 16 years. She's a sitting Senator, she lived in the White House for eight years before that, there is nobody less able to make the argument that they are an outsider than Hillary.

Moreover, her dichotomy is false. We are our government. Properly understood it is "our government" as Bill Scher would say and anytime we call it "the" government we undercut our major frame. It is always "our government" as in, "I am outraged what the Bush Administration has done to our government!" Silly DLC. Typical.