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Help A Sister Out

UPDATE: Housing secured. Also, Brie would like to point out that she is not, in fact, a "gangbanger."

Any of my New York readers know of a place to say in Brooklyn?

Brie is teh awesome. You should be so luck as to have her as a roommate.


My old landlord is looking to fill my old apartment as of the end of august. He won't raise the rent if my roommate finds him a tenant--it's still the same $1650 I was paying when I moved there in 2003 (well, I paid half) for a 2 bedroom in suddenly-uber-trendy Boerum Hill. 1 block from the F train, top floor with one big and one small bedroom, lots of light, wood floors, eat in kitchen and nice living room. Also glittery 1950s fish wallpaper in the bathroom, a nutty landlord and amazing signage in the entryway.

Thanks for using your minor internet celebrity to help me out (nyuck nyuck nyuck), but I've got a place! WooHoo!

Oh also, could you have a more unsavory picture of me? I look like a drunk gang banger. No one wants that as a roommate.

I thought you looked cute in the headband. There's a better picture from the same series that I can't seem to find with you making a fist. It's very rosie the riveter.

Anyway, glad to hear you've found shelter.

Hey Brie,
You should be happy about the picture, you're in the same frame as my EGAN t-shirt clad torso. Oh yeah!