"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

Haters and Thieves


Ugh. Sucks about the truck, man... Maybe not the best time to point out a typo, but you spelled thieves wrong, sweetie.

Thank you for your (editorial) support. ;)

You're welcome, I try to help where I can. ;)

Hey Josh,
Freaking sucks about your car. I've taken to keeping my glove box locked and my car doors open. Everyone in St. Louis seems to get their car stolen at one tme or another, I figure I'd rather not pay for a smashed window.

As for the haters...well, that seems to just come with the territory when you do anything bicycle. Maybe you should just get ahead of it and have some serious poser photos taken of you astride one of your own creations in tight black jeans, a Mission Cycles foam doam, sipping a pabst and swinging a polo mallet in front of a highly graffitied backdrop. God dammit, it might just do you some good!

i left a reply for john g. on the mission bikes page