"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

A Google Bomb I Like

A googlebomb is when tons and tons of people link to a website with the same phrase. Because of the way google calculates page rankings, this will give it a high rating for this phrase. The top prize is to determine what comes up when the enigmatic "I'm Feeling Lucky" button is clicked (aka Google's #1 ranked page for the search term). With the latest tip from the GOP being that Karl Rove will try to paint Bush's term in office as wholly positive for 'Merica, and say that Dean's a whiny pessemist when he says that neverending budget shortfalls and a pariah diplomatic status are Big Problems.

I think Howard Dean is optimistic. If you do to, link that word to deanforamerica as often as you can. Rapid response this, fat boy.