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Good Tidings We Bring

Brilliant wedding goodness out on Staten Island last night. Snug Harbor is a historical site, formerly a home for "old decrepit sailors" (literally, that's what the stained glass says) and now a great place to get married. It fit quite well with the signature style of Rachel and Jeremy; nautical themes, painted ceilings, and then finally a gorgeously art-deco ballroom for dinner and dancing. Very Gotham.

I know I don't blog very much that's exciting any more. In the nine years I've been writing here, my life has become significantly more routine. While I still find my own existence endlessly fascinating -- nobody ever went broke betting on narcissism -- I'm well-aware that these chicken scratchings have a limited audience.

But to the extent that this informational outpost serves a purpose of spreading news and rumor, it's a special pleasure to track the progress of my friends in life.

These kids are great together. Good things in their future, and good to see all the folks coming back together to send them off.

Oh and also, Nick Capodice is married, and his wife is a producer for RadioLab! That gave me a little celebrity thrill/crush.