"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

The Good Life

Well, I got dick done today work-wise, but I did a lot of decent writing and made a few more Dean connections. I'm seriously thinking that my dream future would be to work on that campaign. I aught to start asking around. If he get's the nomination they're bound to open a NY office. Right now I'm sitting in my back yard listening to the wind move the trees and loving just about everything. There's some lively discussion about information-age economics in the "Dean Dollop" post below and I'm about to back it in, have a beer and read some more Hunter S. Thomson in the open air.

Oh, and I found another tech-meister for Dean (friend of the other doc I respect), who wants to get Searls and Lessig to deliver the technorati endorsement, and presumable the whole slashdot bloc. Geek politics ascendant, I hope. He also has a backdoor into the formerly(?) pay-only "Dean.com" article in the New Republic. Feeling groovy. Zywiec in hand and the sun on my face.