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Going Good

Things are going good!

I had a pretty great weekend, following up on the positive momentum of the week. Friday after work I hit up my favorite dingy little workout room down at the Community Pool, then rolled back over the Humbrews to eat some good bar food, drink a couple heady beers and watch the Golden State Warriors beat up on those pretty boys from Dallas.

Shortly I was joined by Mark and Sarah for a beer, and ended up piggybacking on Sarah's evening plans and catching a ride to go out dancing down in Eureka at a place called the Pearl, which turns out to be the most urban/cosmopolitan place I've been in the HC, brushed metal interior and Tanquerey on the rail.

It was decent; a bit crowded and the soundsystem needed some more speakers, but the music (obscure hip-hop b-sides and sci-fi instrumental quasi-hyphy) was generally danceable and the crowd was good. It was very good for me to go out with people I don't hang out with every day, and then sweat and shake in the same room as some attractive women. That doesn't happen often enough.

Saturday I hung out with Sarah and Ryah (I slept on their floor) at the Farmers Market on the plaza, which is a good hippy-ass scene with kids running around and people learning to juggle and bluegrass and massive squashes and all that jazz. Got a ride home eventually with the Mark man and we made a huge bonfire in the newly cleared back yard and bro'd down for the evening.

Sunday I did my lesson and then helped Kelly and the gang she rustled up put together a skate ramp in the back yard. It's 12x22 so far, though we've got to position it better and stick it all together. A great feat of punk rock engineering. There will be pictures. It felt good to work a project with some folks, make connections, sense an accomplishment, etc. I'm into home-improvements here. Contra my previous decade of experience jumping from one apartment to the next I see all these projects as an investment. It's Kelly's house, but that makes it part of my universe.

And today I hit up the heady yoga at the center, and it was good again; really adds something for me that I walk down a lush riparian ravine and hop over a stream to get there too. The class itself is kind of a kick in the ego, realizing how far I've fallen in all these years of not doing it. Like first year of ETW all over again. I've stayed in generally good physical condition, but I've gotten heavier, and oh man there are a lot of muscles that I just haven't been in touch with, let alone all the breathing and deeper stretching. It's a great practice though, and I think I'll be keeping it up.

So, nothing all that exciting really, just a general upbeat note. Often I find I'm driven more to write when things are hectic or bad, or else ecstatically good, so I like to record moments like this when I can.

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