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The Go! Team

The Go! Team, which I just discovered thx to SomaFM. It's getting me amped. A great mix of old-school R&B sounds, mixtape breaks and indy-noise pop. Oddly enough I'm not huge fans of any of those on their own, but together it just works.

Also, this is interesting:

Originally issued in the U.K. last year, "Thunder, Lightning, Strike" was recently released in a new edition in the U.S. through Columbia Records. Because of sample clearance issues, some of the songs needed to be reworked, but the band also had the opportunity to add two new tracks.

"There were three or four [sample] denials, but it wasn't too bad; there were a few melody changes, which I actually prefer in a way. A lot of the samples come from thrift-store, nothingy records that no one would think of looking at anyway. There's something about those Bollywood soundtracks that I've always loved: You have a 50-piece string section that is always out of tune with each other, and that's a sound you could never recreate."

Apparently their live show is a hoot too:

Lollapalooza may have had it all over the Intonation Music Festival in terms of sheer spectacle, but for me, the winning moment of the summer concert season came when the Go! Team took the stage at Union Park and a dozen preteen girls from the surrounding neighborhood, fresh out of the swimming pool, joined the absurdly energetic English dance-rockers onstage to gyrate, shimmy and frug.

It's definitely going into heavy rotation for the Bike Mix.