"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

Found Art

Out for a walk, window-shopping bikes and housewares, saw some dress shoes power-screwed to a plywood construction wall over the posters, highly reminiscent of where I got my painting last night. They had little typed messages on them.

"Who are we trying to impress?"
"Who do you watch?"
"Who watches you?"

It's beauty here in my new 'hood. Not a starbucks in sight, but a beautiful homey cafe just downstairs; nice Korean(?) couple, lots of regulars, classical music, wifi. Strolling along in the afternoon; sun; palm trees; it's fucking California, the street with a mexican feeling. Looks like I'll be trading my greasy pizza by the slice for tacos, a change of pace is nice.

And is it just me, or has the RIAA going after Kazaa users made Gnutella a much more lively place to swap files? The music industry is painfully clueless. Technology remains at least one step ahead of the law, and the gap is widening. Adapt or die, sucka.