"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

Fiscal Solvency

Things that are bullshit:

  1. Citibank (my bank for almost ten years) offers me a loan at 18.5% to consolodate my credit card debt which is at 19.9%
  2. They claim the high rate is because I'm 90 days past due on something, but can't tell me what. (I'm unaware of ever being delinquent on any payments)
  3. Thanks to my legally mandaed annual free credit report I see this is from one of my loans from NYU; one of the agencies (Experian) has me as being 90-days delinquent last summer.
  4. They offer me a two-point reduction on the loan if I let them take the payments directly from the checking account, but cannot put the money directly in the account if I do accept. They have to mail me a check, which I would mail back to them with a deposit slip.

Time to start thinking about switching banks. In real terms, I'd much rather have a community-scale institution for my banking needs (basically I need a checking account). Citibank got my business by being close to NYU when I was 18, but they haven't done shit for me since.


And what's more, the whole "credit report" game is ridiculous. The loan that Experian shows me as having been tardy on (I think I did have a problem with an auto payment not auto-paying during the Vagabender Era) is not even listed in the others. Apparently they all talk to different people and compile inconsistant data. What's more, you can see all the corporations that have been looking at your information.

Man, this shit is bullshit.