"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

The Fighting 110th!

It's opening day of the political season folks, and this ones going to be wild with the fightin' 110th Congress set to take center stage for the year. In fact, the media/horserace primary for Edwards, Hillary, Obama et al will largely be about who can be the best spokesperson for the real action going on inside the Dome. That's good. Real things are happening.

Two quick examples:

Apropops what I said the other day, Rep. Murtha is set to deny Bush funding for escalation in Iraq (an excellent first step).

On a more rhetorical note (talk matters), Rep. Frank says Katrina is "ethnic cleansing by inaction." Damn. He also wants to let shareholders vote on CEO pay. Double-damn.

These are good signs. Have a little hope today.

I'm going to be moving my politics blogging to Future Majority (just as most of my tech is going to the work blog). The OJ is going to keep driving on that wild bohemian values kick, maybe with some kind of fancy-ass aggregator page for the real stalkers out there.