"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

Feeling the Love / Treinta Años


Hey hey! I'm sorry I missed the partay (bad timing; I swing into NYC as you leave), but I'm glad you had a great time!

Don't even try for the mainstream, those of us who are in it are eying the borders and looking for an escape hatch (even B!).

(Oh, and I did get the whole blog/site thing going--check the new link!)

Adelante!!!! Happy birthday you old dog. Beinvenidos a los 30! Remember...Uruguay is always there for you to help keep it freaky. See you soon.

Nice to get to squint at you today.
You have a more real job than almost anybody I know.
Granted, I know very few people with real jobs.
Nonetheless. Thirty seems young for you. Job-wise at least.

Major league? HA! Hang up your spikes, son. If you have to tell people how weird you are, you're one pair of khakis from being a total square. It's OK - embrace adulthood and stop fishing for compliments; people will still like you. Ten years from now you'll look at these melodramatic diatribes and be embarrassed - it'll be just like revisiting your hackneyed high school poetry.

I've found I rather like my hackneyed high school poetry. If you want really melodramatic diatribes, check out the archive.