"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

On The Factor

On the factor I just learned that Bill O'Reilly is "very hot with the Latinas."

The issue of immigration is mostly about whether or not newspaper columnists are "going after" Mr. Oreilly. Also, there is a major problem in America: rampant infanticide. The ACLU is predictably tratorous.

Finally, the most convroversial story of the day: Billionaire leftwing tyrants have created a media conspiracy -- exemplified by MediaMatters -- which has no anticedent on the Right. This information comes from a couple of conservative guys with websites, not to be confused with the conservative website guy, who's going to be on the broadcast tomorrow.

Good to know. There's sleep medication ads, and then Frist. They lead with border security, an issue O'Reilly touched on. The discussion of Frist's own impending legal problems is phrased as a personal question; "do you want to stick with your current story?" He does, is abosutely confident of the outcome. Later, why Joe Wilson isn't to be trusted.