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Ego Death and Discovery

Since switching servers from good ol' Neureal (who are excellent if you just need some low-rent hosting) to somewhat more nerd-pleasing Tektonic (where I can do cool shit like run Ruby and lighttpd), my ego has taken a beating. See, Neureal gave me webalizer to analyze my stats, leading me to believe I was developing an audience in the thousands.

Now I've got a slightly more clueful stat package what filters out hits from bots trying to post links to online poker and stimulants, and I find out that fully 50% of my traffic is bogus. Which is still a lot of readers. But not as many as I thought. I'm dying! Ahhhh!

Well, ok. Actually I rather like the homey nature of this old website. So don't cry for me, Argentina.

On the plus side, my new stat package can list referrals (inbound links) and filter out self-referrals and search engines pretty good. This is awesome because when I look at the list to see who's linking to me, I discovered that Scott in Plano has a blog! Here's an example:

Well, last weekend was fairly eventful. Friday I didn’t do a damn thing, played some Socom II and went to bed, in anticipation of camping trip at Lake Texoma. The plan was to meet in Dennison at noon, so I got up early, and decided Roger should be up too. Hmmm…what to do, I KNOW, load the potato gun up with a sock and fire it into his bedroom. Scared the shit out of him and woke him up, mission accomplished (I know I will suffer payback, but it’s worth it.). Of course our friends are running late, and noon came and went, so while the spud gun is still warm lets have some more fun. Here’s a rundown of the conversation:

Roger: Let’s shoot a sock at each other.
Me: Uh..I don’t know about that.
Roger: C’mon, it’s just a sock, how bad could it hurt.
Me: Okay, but you go first.

Fuckin' a. I'll tune in for more of that; reminds me of having fun in Texas (audio from vagabender). It's one of my great regrets from the road that we didn't get around to taking pictures of topless girls at Burning Man with the potato cannon they gave us to send to Scott and Roger. My fault for loosing Mark's camera. Sorry guys!