"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

Easy. You Know, The Way It's Supposed To Be?

Hippy music, please:

One of my most important original philosophical catchphrases is "The Most Important Thing Is To Stop Struggling." It's something I remind myself of frequently as my career goes through its whips twists and turns. Sometimes you find yourself in one of those situations where everything seems hard, impossible to begin on, just overwhelming. Sort of like being waist-deep in rubble.

Often the short term answer is to roll up your sleeves and dig out, because this is sometimes a devastatingly effective cheap psychological trick. That pile of dirty dishes never takes as long as it feels like it'll take, for instance.

But, then there are the times where you feel constantly like you're getting reset to that buried state, where you're beating your head against the wall, doing the Sisyphus shuffle. When you notice that, it's time to take a breath, look around, and see where/how/when to move laterally. Because as much as life is unfair, and full of adversity and strife and honest-to-goodness challenges, it's also supposed to be — like the CSNY song there — sort of Easy.

And I don't mean that in a lazing-about-in-the-sun sort of way, I mean it in the way that people talk about spreading a gospel. I can't site chapter or verse, but there's some bit I remember reading about how debating a strident non-believer isn't a good use of time, because when you've got The Word you just need to find someone else who's ready to hear it.

That's a meta-lesson I take to heart, because really the whole premise of what I'm doing with my life and my company is a kind of gospel. We basically believe there are good ways to use open tools to make it easy, inexpensive and effective for millions of people to put their thoughts on the internet in ways they can personally own and control. We believe that by lining up all the right tools and making them easy and clear to use, we can radically lower barriers to entry in what is still an Emergent global conversation.

Speaking of old hippies, this idea has some roots for me in this passage:

Now I want to get into the idea of what is it about truth that makes truth important, cause there's something about truth that's really special ... So, think what is truth, and what is it that we're doing here, and what is it about being a man ... like, one of the things about a man is that a man is the only animal that has a choice to make about truth. See, a cat doesn't lie to you ... you know, if cats like your vibes they crawl right up on you. If they don't like your vibes, they're not too hot for you. Right? The thing about truth is ... God is I think trying to communicate with himself ... And he has, on this here planet, about three and a half billion transceivers walking around, babbling to each other, constantly, trying to carry the circuit load for that incredible conversation that's going on, of God talking to himself. See? And so there's something that's trying to be said too ... right, and so we have to talk and we gotta listen when we talk as well as when we listen, in order to discover what it is that's being said around here.

There's a fundamental belief we carry that if we can open up enough channels and manage the flow, things will work out ok. That's why it's important to get people routed around firewalls in Dubai, because only with a greater ability to exchange information will we move, as a species, beyond the petty bullshit that's tearing us apart.

Because it's only through individual impulses, millions of honestly aligned little free-will seekers, that things actually get done. You can't give people freedom or equality. Those are things that need to be taken. All we can do is make the most of our ability to coordinate, to learn, to align, to act, and to do all this in the common knowledge of a universal fraternity (the French kind, not Greek).

This is happening.

And when you're delivering on the path to that kind of future, it may be hard fucking work, but it's also easy. You will ride life straight to perfect laughter, as the poet says. And if it's not easy, ask yourself why. Did you lose the script, or are you missing the easy way forward?