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Drupal 4.7.0!

Drupal 4.7 is released. Quoth Dries:

2005 has been explosive for the Drupal community. Drupal.org usage has almost tripled in terms of page views, downloads, and number of users, and with the release of Drupal 4.7.0 we are seeing this new found energy drive the platform development forward at an amazing pace. There have been over 338 contributors to this latest release with over 1500 patches which is almost triple our previous record with Drupal 4.6 of 523 commits by 50 developers. These new contributions are seen in the major usability improvements, new Drupal core functionality, and expansion of the Drupal development framework that will afford themers and contributing developers even greater flexibility and power.

I've been playing with the beta code (and deploying it for clients) for several months, but anyone still languishing in 4.6-land should wake up and smell the AJAX. 4.7 has some great new tools for coders too, like the Form API, which is a mind-expander, but ultimately a huge improvement.

The most exciting thing though is watching the project and the community take off. No forks (except, of course Drupus). No serious infighting. People turning pro without selling out... The hits just keep coming.