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Hey...you should not be the one planning this. If you're game to let this be out of your control, send me names/emails of peeps in NYC you want to be there and then let Brie, Kris, Dar and me make this a truly smashing 30th happening.


I am planning/throwing my own 30th birthday party. There is no question about this. It is 100% appropriate.

When is this, I officially reach the city mid-may?

Looks like saturday the 9th. Too early? When do you get to town? I'll be around through like the 13th I think...

Geez... All this talk of birthdays in NYC makes me want to schedule a working vacation next month. Should I?

What are you missing?
You are missing Portland.
Coincidentally, Portland is missing you.

New York City is a great place to be during memorial day. The weather will be fantastic and there will be many party options. Hope you have a great 30th B - Day bash.