"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

A Democratic House?

Chris Bowers has some numbers over on MyDD.com (which is now my go-to politics page) which seem to suggest that the Dems are poised to take the House of Representatives this November.

If this prospect excites you, the time is now to donate, volunteer, send out emails, and talk it up with your friends and family. I think putting a check on the Bush administration is VERY important. Among other things, it will mean much less of a chance of bombing Iran. But we've got to bring it on home.

If this isn't exciting, or you're cynical about the possibilities here, stay tuned. While it's true that there are massive institutional problems with our political system, this is still step one towards: universal health care, reversing global warming, keeping the internet free and open, ending the imperial occupation of Iraq, developing alternatives to fossil fuels, and any number of other important things that require (at a minimum) that the Federal Government not be pushing in the wrong direction.

I'll be blogging more about what might be done soon.


So, beyond diddlers, we now have a report of money-laundering by NPO's in connection with Ralph Reed, Grover Norquist, Americans for Tax Reform, Jack Abramoff, and the White House. The report comes from none other than the Senate Finance Committee. Basically, a bunch of Republican run non-profits used money from Abramoff to perform lobbying. This is illegal since they are government protected, tax-exempt entities. Now the Justice Department and the IRS are getting involved. The best part is that, while some are crying political motivations given the timing of the report, it is lended validity by the fact that the Republican chairman of the committe signed off on its release despite his power to block it. I doubt it will get as much press as a diddler, but it will probably keep some voters at home, and most assuredly reminds me once again that X-mas is coming early this year.

And now Bob Ney has pleaded guilty to bribery...but he's not resigning today! He's waiting for them to kick him out? Doesn't that make him a convicted felon, and doesn't that mean he can't be in the House anyway? Either way, don't you love an implosion?

Speaker Pelosi, Majority Leader Murtha, Judiciary Committee Chairman Conyers, Ways and Means Committee Chairman Rangell, Financial Services Committee Chairman Frank