"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

Day of the Black President Looms

I've been skeptical and critical of the Obama campaign, but I must admit I'm pleased to see the movement they've germinated really taking root and driving them ahead. With another three primary wins under their belt tonight, and the upcoming state of Wisconsin -- once though to be a "showdown" -- now trending towards another decisive victory:


Clinton's campaign is going to be up against a March 4th last-stand having won nothing in a month. Ohio and Texas are still favorable, but will they really buck the big O'mo for three more weeks?

And this is undeniably cool:

Donor for Obama

410,000 individual donors. A lot of those are $5 from people at a rally or online, but the breadth of the buy-in is pretty spectacular. This is what political junkies have talked about for a long time. The fact that they candidate to pull it off is an political cypher beloved by a decrepit establishment is a little bit of a surprise, but it does seem that Obama and his team have manages to pull off the big task: building a grassroots movement while simultaniously charming the pants off the national media.

Barring any major shakeups not in their favor (e.g. not more people quitting the Clinton campaign) I think the Obama gang should be able to ride through March 4th to enough of a delegate lead that a superdelegate choke-out is no longer socially possible. Mathematically it's always an option, but most of these superdelegates have a pretty high profile, and they have a strong tradition of following the popular will.