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Creative Process

Hung out with good old Joe Felice and his traveling companion Jenny the other night here. They were passing through on down from camping up in Shasta. We talk a bit about where our lives are going, Joe pointed back at NYC and being an artist again, and good for him. He's a witty mofo, will do real well for himself if he keeps at it I think.

It's interesting, my relationship to the creative process and how it's evolved. I haven't really tried to make anything in a long time, and I'm finding myself rusty, heasitant and nervous. Some people like to blow smoke at me for my blogging, but I hardly think these chicken-scratching amount to much from an artistic standpoint.

Sure, I turn the odd phrase that's maybe worth keeping, and I find the medium to be a great avenue for self-expression, but I've always been one to observe a wide and gaping chasm between self-expression and something worth paying attention to. This puts a bit of distance twixt me and a lot of other artists in that I think of the audience as final arbiter of worth (if no one "gets" what you're doing, you're not doing very good).

Point is, I try to have high and rarified standards for this here Bachelor of the Fine Arts. I'm playing with my little video camera and suddenly feeling the urge to rehearse. I think this is good, something I should do. Rehearsal is a positive thing, a sound practice and essential part of any quality craft.

Rehearsal starts with some writing off in a room. It needs time and privacy. I should probably get started then, eh?