"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

Civil War

I don't post much about Iraq because honestly it feels like a big pointless downer. George W Bush is the only one in a position to make any kind of differences, and he thinks the lesson of Vietnam was "if we don't quit, we win." Cocksucker.

It's impossible to ignore the civil war now. When you move beyond sectarian militias, blow right past death squads and get into neighborhoods shelling one another, there's not much question.

Sadly I think it's probably all downhill from here. The only question is how ugly it will get for us before we are forced out, or how long the "lesson of Vietnam" will keep Bush prolonging the process with our presence.


Bush meant to say that the vibrant, peaceful, unthreatening modern Vietnam he visited is a failure - and it's a failure because America needed to spend another decade and kill another 58,000 kids to get it right.

Or maybe Bush thinks that the Vietnam he visited represents a success only due to the 58,000 dead kids and the fourteen years of war and therefore America should stay in Iraq for another decade in order to build up our scorecard of dead kids.

But really, who the hell knows what Bush meant to say, or was trying to say. He is much more stupid than we give him credit for.

He's the decider. Not the learner. Because at the end of any lesson, a stupid prick like Bush will tell himself that he was right all along.