"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

"The Big Short" / I Preach a Dark Future

Starting a new tag, "Things I Consumed," I'll tell you about the things that I read, ate, watched or otherwise consumed, but more what they made me think. First up is The Big Short, Michael Lewis' exploration of our latest financial bubble via the lenze of those who saw the end coming and had the balls to invest in collapse.

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I'mma Shed My Skin

I've been writing online at a relatively enthusiastic (if occasionally uneven) clip for nine years now. A lot of things have changed in all those days, and renewing my effort means taking a trip down memory lane to remember why, exactly, I started all this in the first place.

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Drupal 7 In The House

With the help of the fine folks at ToDrupal.com, I've upgraded to Drupal 7! This is still beta software, so bugs are to be expected, and I've already stubbed my toes in a few places. Have some ideas for ways to improve things too. Nothing like "scratching my own itch" to get the contribution train rolling again.

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Democracy Blues... err... Reds?

2010 mid-term election summary. Lot's of darkness, a couple points of light, and a Kleptones music video. Click "read more" for the full story.

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