"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

Ciao Lyric

Lyric Lounge
Back when it first opened and I lived across the street...

Went to the Lyric Lounge closeout party. A good time was had by all, I think. Jeremy made the mistake of inviting two (2) ex-girlfriends, one of whom -- our friend Kristy -- created her second Princess Leah gold bikini outfit. 2.0 for her, last one sold on ebay. Anyway, she's half-naked, and the other -- our friend Lilah -- isn't. Caused a little drama. Could have told ya, brah. Never works out.

Overall it was everything you could have wanted. Archie working the door. Cal talking big about the future. At least one fist fight. Carrie gives out t-shirts to the former staff: "It's closed now. It never happened." But the place is getting a raucous send-off. Murph rolls with an entourage of asian women. Lots of women around, actually. Devil girls. dead girls, girls from Kansas. Viking girls too. Working class cocaine. We're in for the long haul, the idea for the closing party to drink the place dry.

I have a crush on a bartender, which is good and bad. Good because it gets me out of a tight spot with some pink-haired lady. Good because it's exciting for me to have a crush on someone. Good because she's interesting and beautiful of course; and tall, oh yes. But bad because I know her from the bar, so 9 out of 10 times she's seen me I'm looking back through the whiskey. Last night does nothing to break that pattern or set new expectations. That's me, par for the course. Just like all the other leering jackasses. I've been trying to play the long game there, but I get the impression that I'm running out of time.

So I get gone around 5:30 (would have been 6:30 without the fall-back clock change) and I get McDonalds from Meeker on the way back. That's another thing I haven't done in several years.

And now it's Sunday and I'm hearing the misfits in my head -- this is a ghoul's night out -- and Todd Snider (below), and I've got to start thinking about work and the future and tomorrow and things like that. And, and, and. Yes. Selah.

Play a train song
Pour me one more round
Make 'em leave my boots on when they lay me into the ground
I am a run away
out of my one-track mind
And I'm lookin' for any kind of trouble that I can find...

Who knows where life goes from here. You grows up and you grows up and you grows up.