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Cell Phone Rage

Cell phones make me angry.

They're undeniably utilitarian, but the manner in which the industry has developed is so brain-dead from a consumer perspective, it's almost offensive.

For instance, I just got a new hand-me-down phone (thanks Aaron) and there's no way to transfer my phone book. This is fucking ridiculous. It's expected, yeah, but it's totally fucking ridiculous from a technology perspective. There's absolutely no goddamn reason I shouldn't be able to import/export phone books, even if it has to be through my provider's website. This is piss easy to do, and yet it doesn't exist. Why? They think its a revenue line.

Anyway, on the plus side I had a nice street-level experience at the PCS store; a little independent dealership run by a couple of Russian guys. "You pay cash, we save you tax." Very good.