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Catching Out w/the Rastafarian Navy

Well, it's been light posting here these past few. The dog days of August are foggy in Westhaven, and the various tasks related to getting ready to leave for Burning Man have left me w/precious little time to do my creative writing exercises.

If all goes well, we'll hit the road tomorrow afternoon and get in on the midnight line. If there are snags, we may still try to make Nevada City, or we may just decide to start Monday morning. I want to be all set up be Monday night, because at 1:51 AM on Tuesday the full moon goes into eclipse.

I'm mildly perturbed that I'm not more excited about the whole event. We've got it all, of course: a huge shade structure; whiskey shotguns; bike trailers ready to blast dub reggae (or whatever); the full setup for a high quality shower structure; friends a-plenty; delectable foodstuffs; a 2000 watt generator and more. It's going to be a good little camp, and I'm definitely looking forward to getting out of America and away from my routine for a while.

Still, there's a lot of "been there done that" rattling around in my head. A disturbing trend in my life receives another datapoint. Josh Koenig needs to get out of his comfort zone.

I'm sure my sense of adventure will perk up sooner or later on this one, and in the mean time I'm having fun wrangling all the preparatory details. I plan on taking a bunch of video out there, so while I'll probably be radio-silent until early next week, I should come back loaded with the highest quality of content.

Until then, peace out.

Update: Rarrrr! Moamar blows something out ascending the first pass on the 299. The good news is we can make it home pretty easy. The bad news is my pickup is now shot and I've got to find some kind of rental solution.


And here is what you will be missing in America...lol

Live, from Williamsburg: The 2007 Hipster Olympics

Have a great burn.


I'd like to see a pic of the shower. I've been thinking of building one for camping at Nascar. Does it heat the water? Of course you'll be in the desert and may not need hot water.

We'll definitely document the whole setup.

However, the Burning Man shower requirements are a bit oddball: we're using a garden spray pump painted mostly black for hot water, and we need to handle capturing and evaporating all the resulting waste, so there's a 4ft square shower, and another 6 feet of evaporation pond.

In a slightly less "leave no trace" context, you can put your shower over a good sluce area (e.g. make sure you have drainage, maybe have some gravel or other loose material beneath). Basically you just need to build a frame around a palette and suspend a camp shower (or a pump-sprayer) at an appropriate height.