"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

Burnt, Roasted, DMTV, PPipes

Sitting here in a semi-torpid state, very low energy, only the underlying buzz of caffeine and pre-apocalyptic stress to fight the fatigue. I haven't even been doing anything very important , just getting up early and riding buses, going through the kind of necessary (but not really) meetings that I used to not have the patience for...

Luckily I was idling in RitRo, the official coffee shop of web 2.0, and so there were beautiful people around. And then my old colleague Molly Moon Neitzel came in randomly, so we caught up and I went with her back to the MFA headquarters and hung out, and then went out with a group to a little Progressive mixer under the emerging "Do More Than Vote" (DMTV) banner. Lots of old faces and interesting new projects. Nice evening.

...and now back in the mission, finishing this afternoon's saved-lunch guacamole from the nice little packed mexican join in SoMa's South Park. Listening to a little C-Lo and Modest Mouse and looking outward on the month.

Back in the day my friend Zack had a great idea to make something called PPipes, which aggregates all the progressive spam out there that none of us read. You have power-users come on and tag/sort/rate/sift it all, and you have regular account-holders say what they want to see in their main page, which they can get an RSS feed for as well. Then you win, because everyone comes to you for what's going on, and organizations stop wasting so much time and energy trying to grow their email list with meaningless petitions and instead do more real work to get shit done.

You might even set up crackpipes, which monitors all the email lists from the dark side.

Anyway, it's a grand idea, and I think we're going to do it.