"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

Brigher Moments In Politics: Mighty Oregon

Having beat a lot on the national drain-circling, I feel compelled to point out a counternote: Oregon just passed progressive tax measures to fund little things like schools and healthcare at the expense of the wealthy and corporations. In other words, the People beat the Powerful. It can be done.

How, you may ask? Well the first thing about progressive populism is you have to talk like a progressive populist, meaning you explain in no uncertain terms that you intend to address the massive inequality by requiring those who can easily afford to do so to step up and support the social contract which has benefited them so much:

Second thing you to is engage your base for God's sake. Maybe campaigning among young people or engaging unions. Give 'em something to jump and shout about at least.

Do those things, and you can win.

Behave as if you live in thrall to Zombie Regan, or as if you're an aristocrat, and you will be crushed.

This seems like a pretty simple thing to understand to me, but most national Democrats seem consigned to going out with a whimper anyway. Hard to believe.