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Back In The Saddle

Gyarrr! My own site just ate my post! Time for an overhaul...

Well, that annoyance aside, my point was going to be that things are looking up. I have Moamar back, and with a brand shiny new engine that aught to be good for as long as I want to drive it. I also got a fresh drivers license (lost that too) from the DMV, and overall my mood pendulum has swung back.

My schedule is still fucked -- spent all saturday working on TODOs that emerged from our work retreat, which went swimmingly; did not make it up to Pickathon -- but it's a joyous kind of struggle. I'm anxious to round out my life a bit more, but for now it's good to feel that all the hard labor is adding up to something great. It helps. Whistle while you work.

It's always moved in waves. Two steps forward, one step back. April and May were very much on the upswing, June and July not so much. It feels like things are turning right now, so perhaps the late summer will be a burst of awesomeness. It would be nice to start putting together some winning streaks soon.


Yay for a new engine!

Also, mucha gracias for recommending The Avett Brothers. We went down to Northampton, MA last night and saw them play. Excellent show!