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Back to life, Back to reality

I'm going to try and write some tonight, but the reality of me taking two days and a weekend off of work is there's a shit-ton to sort out. Sadly.

Coachella was a Very Good Time with some Very Good People. Also, as a consumer of culture (which I am from time to time), you really can't beat getting to see Dwight Yokam, Kraftwerk and Prince (and some other virtuosos somewhere within that triangle of genre) in one six-hour span. I've got stories to tell, and even a couple pictures.

In the mean-time, if you need something to do, go support a very smart guy who's trying to get some juice:

Register and vote. UPDATE: Click here to do that. Apparently it's not totally effortless like it aught to be... the same online as in the real world. Sorta.

UPDATE DEUX: Also in the world of friends doing interesting things: Rachel Shukert publishes a book and...



Thanks, Josh!

Videoegg embeds don't link back, so here's where you can vote for me:


You can vote every day until Sunday. w00t!

you got my vote; I'm also pimping it out to likely parties via email, etc.