"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

And Life

How are things? Things are fair to middling. I've been having trouble sleeping; my right-side ribs are still sore from a slush (and lush)-related bike spill nearly two weeks ago. Work is in an "energy of activation" phase, wherein we need to get over a certain hump in order to be in good shape, which has also been draining. I've been feeling somewhat annoyed at my Father for not talking to me for the past 14 months. I've been feeling like a bit of a stooge and a slacker for not getting my life in better order (apartment, accountant, health/dental care, etc) and I need to start taking vitimins or something.

On the plus column, the belle du jour has become the belle du mois and that's been good. I'm not madly in love, but I am enjoying a low-key relationship. I've also been enjoying the return of music to my bike-riding. I use the Shuffle, which is also the President's choice for biking, which gives me an odd sort of cheer. There are a bunch of interesting projects and so forth on the horizon -- including the next phase of getting the book off the ground -- which I am excited for, if a bit trepedatious about having enough mojo to sustain.

I'm looking forward to the new year. I don't usually do resolutions, but I do enjoy the chance to kick off a new chapter. Hopefully I'll get some good habits going. It's the year of dropping the hammer.