"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."


fuck yeah unicorns

The memes is mutating. Watch out LOLcats.

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Rock Awesome

LGD reminded me this morning of one of the top 10 rock performances of all time:

The White Wizard plays keyboard, sax, drums and then does crazy experimental sound shit. That's what I call talent.

And remembering this got me organized enough to resurrect one of the greatest web-properties of all time: VAGABENDER.COM RETURNS, BITCHES! I was specifically thinking of East Nashville, which is where Travis introduced us to that video, and the glory that was The Old Grey Whistle Test.

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Sons of Anarchy

Um yeah. Ultra-cheezy title. Ultra-questionable premise.

Ultra-awesome show.

See, you get good actors and a decent budget, and give the creative types (writers, directors, etc) enough room to be dangerous, all of a sudden something worthwhile might happen. It won't likely be a mega hit, but it will likely be good. And that should recoup a decent budget. And then you make money and produce quality culture. Win!

(Also, wikipedia informs us that the original working title was Forever Sam Crow, further confirming that marketing douchebags are generally worthless; had they stuck with that I'd have had to come up with a different counter-positive to lead off my post.)

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You know who's dangerous out there on the road? The "Intelligent Transportation" bus-limo motherfucker. That guy drives a decked-out short-bus, but handles it like a NYC taxi cab. The extra-wide side mirrors are just about at head-height for me on the Cobra. But I appreciate a good adversary.

What I really want to do though is get a little odometer/spedometer so I can start taking some data from my rides. I was in rare form along the Embarcaderro tonight, but i wonder just how much faster that means I went. Might be fun to graph!

In general news it's been a solid week of 10 hour days in the office, with after-hours wheeling and dealing to follow. End of the year means it's time to Glen Garry up; Always Be Closing, sucka.

Next week it'll be back up to the HC for the week, xmas party (gotta work on my talent show piece), and then things should start to decompress. I'm not sure yet what the plan is for the holidays. New Years in Portland seems like the default, but maybe a wild hare will strike. I feel like getting off the grid a bit, but really that just means ditching my laptop for a week.

I also want to get myself a camera for christmas and start fooling around w/that too.

Here comes the train.

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Sexy Wheels

Zack just alerted me to the mission bicycle photostream. He's got our shop geniuses taking pretty nice mugshots of all the new rigs before they go out the door:

Pretty neat!

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Congratz Frank

Kudos to Dr. Robbins for achieving entry into a Masters program in construction mgmt. He's poised to join the ever-expanding ranks of peers who out-certify me.

It seems like a trend these days, how people are shifting towards Green Construction and related fields. A good trend, mind, but I can't help but think of the career advice from The Graduate, "I'll give you one word: plastics." It is, we hope, we fear, the boom to come.

Anyway, good to have friends in high places.

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