"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

On My Way Out

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Best Monday EVAR?

So far it's the best Monday evar, and not just because I had a fantastic dinner last night (butternut squash + garlic + house-made pasta + grappa = WIN). I'm hanging at The Change You Want To See and the good news is rolling like thunder:

It's looking like there will be some results. Elections have consequences.

Of course, the big thing we'll all be waiting on is what we do for the economy. That's a huge thing, but I'm feeling mildly optimistic about it all.

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Worth Repeating: #1 Summer Jam

Pretty soon this will kind of be creepy, I'll bet. But for now, let's enjoy that #1 summer jam...

Hell of a catchy chorus.

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Pins and Needles

I've been working hard all day w/some on-site meetings, which has kept me from obsessively checking the news. We should start to see some results in the next half hour.

The past two weeks I've felt very confident, but today with the event upon us the irrational emotional fear has crept in. I've never participated in a winning presidential election, and the past two contests have been awful enough that there's a bit of post-traumatic stress associated with the whole thing.

Anyway, we'll know soon. Pins and needles!

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Emancipate America

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Cash Rules Everything Around Me

I finally caved in and made a political donation, my first in the general election. Obama hasn't really needed my money -- and I volunteered about $2,500 worth of my market-rate time making this vote-call widget to help him out -- and the only other candidate I was tempted to contribute to was Jeff Merkley, who's on track to unseat the odious Gordon Smith back in Mighty Oregon.

But those hepcats at OpenLeft sent an email and I felt weak, so I threw some coin to Darcy Burner, because she's someone I've seen in action on the conference circuit and she seems honestly to be "one of us." And she's in a tight frickin' race.

So yeah, if you feel like donating to try and push the momentum to fever pitch, find a Congressperson or Senator (or a city council member) who's looking to knock off a bad guy and give down-ballot.

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The Oval Office is for Closers (Redux)

This is what you call the closing argument. I expect the big 30-minute show on Wednesday to be a more intricate version of the same. By all indications, Barry is pulling away, which is just great to see. Hopefully w/all the early voting, the big GOTV push can take it to the next level and we'll get a serious mandate to do all these things.

The reality is that it's going to take several years to turn around the Bush momentum. Four years is enough to start to see a shift and hopefully earn another term to bring it on home. The big gamble is whether or not Obama will be able to govern, and whether or not the House and Senate will start to act w/purpose, and just how far out into the wilderness the ultra-political end of the GOP rump will end up. Hopefully the infighting there will hamper their ability to foul up an Obama administration (for reference see Clinton, Bill, years 1992 - 1994), and hopefully also the signs that Obama is a much more capable leader than the old Clenis will bear out.

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Anatomy of a Landslide


(also, for those of you who don't get the reference, get your afrobeat on and enjoy)

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A little something I whipped up

Hopefully this will help:

There should be more artists coming in soon as MFD's A&R operation starts making rain. Cool concept: you sign up here, we do some magic on the internets, and you get a robo-call from a musician you like reminding you to vote. Spread it around, yo!

BHO haulded in $150 million dollars in September. That's fucking insane, by the way. He also got the Colin (Powel) endorsement. I lost all respect for that half-cuban cocksucker when he did that bullshit -- and obviously so -- dog and pony show at the UN with the fake-ass areal photography and the little vial of white powder. However, for the same reasons that the press ate that up like strawberry shortcake, his endorsement will help cement elite opinion for Obama. So bully for you Colin. Way to go out on a limb for the cause.

This is the part in Mortal Kombat where Obama gets the Finish Him moment. Let's make this election a fatality for the conservative movement.

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