"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

Yeah, baby, I still got it...

I surfed past a link to OkCupid -- which does the most interesting stuff with online dating, even if I don't really do that -- so I thought I'd re-take their personality test. Turns out they think I'm the same cat as I was three years ago. I think I've matured a bit, but I can't say that this is inaccurate per se.

The Playboy
Random Gentle Sex Master (RGSMm)

Clean. Smooth. Successful. You're The Playboy.

You're spontaneous, and your energy is highly contagious. Guys therefore find you fun to be around, and girls find you compelling. You have lots of sex, and you manage it all without seeming cheap or being hurtful. Well done. You probably know karate, too.

It's obvious to us, and probably everyone else, that you're after physical rather than emotional relationships, but you're straight up with potential partners. And if a girl you want isn't into something casual, it's no big deal. You move on. BEFORE sleeping with her. Usually. At least you try to. Such control is rare.

If you're feeling unfulfilled, maybe you should raise your standards. New conquests will only be satisfying if there's a possibility of rejection.


CONSIDER: The Dirty Little Secret, The Nurse

Link: The 32-Type Dating Test by OkCupid


While the substance is good, I love the naming conventions. Does it mean you have to have a smoking jacket, leather furniture, and mahogany walls? Oh, and do you know karate?

I just know the athletic yoga, which I think fits even better, but whatever. However, I do have a smoking jacket, and although my walls are not mahogany, they were painted dark purple by a previous resident...