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Underworld (mp3!)

I've got a pretty eclectic music collection, and I thought maybe I'd haul out a few of my more gourmet morsels so you can hear the soundtrack to my life. It's mp3 blogging, baby, and it's all the rage.

Do you guys know and understand Underworld? It's great fucking music, early trance (before the sub-genres, it's what we called "techno" at the time). They're best known for the single that was featured in the film version of Irvine Welsh's Trainspotting. It's a thinking man's techno, and much of it is significantly deeper than Born Slippy, much of it engagingly narrative.

They're Real Artists.

Early Underworld sound is marked by long waves, surreal/poetic lyrics, and sudden, dramatic shifts. I've posted a track from their first CD, DubNoBassWithMyHeadMan -- one of the great Techno albums of all time. It's track number four, and so the sound starts off very much "in progress," but just let it hit you and try to groove along with it, and then enjoy the ride.

You can get soundgarden off your favorite peer to peer network, but this shit is rare and hard to find.

Underworld: Spoonman

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If'n you wanna buy the album: here's amazon.