"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

Rash of Politix / Real Life Update

There's been a rash of political postings here lately. Apologies to those who find that sort of shit boring.

It's been a good week. Fairly productive, though I think I'm likely to make it a worky weekend to get ahead of next week's houseguests. It's been lovely sunny here and in the '70s. Record heat for the rest of CA was good news for the north coast.

Today it's foggy and cold, as it promises to be for a while. Mark and I are going to pour some concrete to solidify the posts for the new section of fence at the house. It goes around the area where we've previously been clearing brush, new land reclaimed from the brambles. He's headed up to Portland this weekend for a family wedding. I plan to lay low and get a little work/rest done.

Yesterday I took my bike down to town and went to the gym. It still takes about 45 minutes, although I was riding on a dinged rear rim, which I had replaced down at the shop. I'm thinking about getting a cheap-ass bike computer to (statistics) help spur myself to ride faster. I also retain my old rear hub, which has nothing wrong with it, and am considering some kind of home-made exercise-mount or perhaps power-transfer device (e.g. a margarita machine). Could be my starter ticket for bike-theater...

The gym is working out well. Kelly is a day-to-day authority figure at the community pool, and they have a very low-end workout room which I can use for free. It's got everything I need though, and it's usually deserted. I get there about twice a week on average, and have been doing other bike rides, yoga, pushups, crunches, etc here at home. It feels good to be getting overall strength back into my body, feeling the slack getting taken up, the finer control, balance, and surity of motion returning. It's good for my mind, too.

Monday I'll probably make my way down to the Bay. Got some business and an airport redezvous. We've also got guests coming down from Portland, and next week Luke and Julia should be visiting, and then we're headed up to Eugene for a friendly wedding thinger. I'm also headed back to NYC for the last weekend in August for another wedding celebration. Lots on tap.

I'm thinking about mothballing this website for the month. The idea would be to take the time off reading and writing to actually work on rebuilding and relaunching, something I've been wanting to do for more than a year now. Perhaps if I use the time I usually spend reading and posting to work on the new thing it might actually get done. As a bonus I could ignore the march to WWIII for a spell; spare myself some anguish. We'll see.

... yeah 1,300lbs of concrete and it turned into a beautiful day. Quesadillas and Fosters all around.