"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

Notes on The Note

ABC's The Notepad, which features messages direct from each democratic campaign, continues to be of interest, though I doubt the content they summon forth there will still seem engaging after a few weeks. Leiberman's message is almost laughable. Dean's looses points for being a bit too cheeky on the most recent Kerry spat. For people to honestly try and disagree with the satement "we won't always have the strongest military point" is laughable. It's a fact. Our dominance cannot last forever, though it will likely continue for some time yet. From a political-elitist point of view you can make hay from this by citing the fact that American voters don't care about the future. I think that's debatable. The point is that we must be prepared for a day when we are matched or overmatched in military strength -- again, in the fullness of time this is inevitable and to seriously think otherwise is hubristic folly -- by building a world free from wars of impunity.

Actually the biggest surprise for me was Sharpton's entry. Not because it's all that revolutionary, but because it's actually well written. Then I realize it's attributed to the Rev. himself and not some campaign flunky and I understand why, but it strikes me how poor the written communiques for all the other candidates are and makes me think I wouldn't mind working as a speechwriter for someone. I don't know how you get that job though. Probably a lot of dues to pay. Oh well.