"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

Chant With Me: Day-light. Sav-ings-time!

NYC continues to be a hell of a wild run. I managed a small rally for Halloween after nearly crashing and burning after running our of PlaneSleep energy, made it out into the world. The old neighborhood is indeed changing, though as they say the more things change the more things stay the same.

Bea's diner was closed on health code violations, and the sketchy bar on driggs is shut down -- bricked up the doorway and turned it into an apartment by the looks of things. Fine dining encroaches ever further -- high quality coffee window, beautiful cranberry-haired women slinging cappucino -- and McCarin park is enclosed by highrise condos on two sides now.

Last night I ran with the sister-pal, who's soon to be a Master of the fine arts (I remain a contented Bachelor, natch), and after reliving Pete's Candy Store of most of a bottle of scotch and entertaining a few guests, we went to a party which was literally next door to the house on Humboldt and Devoe where we used to have many friends, held a back-yard Axiom, etc.

It's a good world, here.