"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

Up and Down and Up Again

(GD anthem!*)

Wild mood swings lately. Serindipity's been riding high as well, me calling out to people just as they were doing the same otherwise. Strange connections across the lattice. I feel kind of like I'm coming out of a shell; little cracks and breakthroughts and then, oh man, slow down, I'm beat.

It always comes in fits and starts, and my overactive superego isn't helping much. Sans bike I've been reading on the MTA a bunch, picking up The Dharma Bums for a little brain-candy, and C.G. Jung's Modern Man in Search of a Soul for a little more substance. They make an interesting combo, but they're helping, no doubt.

Also a relief: I've been sweating this bachelor thing this weekend, but it all seems to be coming into focus. People piling on to help out, being major sports about getting into the act. It should be grand fun.

Still excited about getting my ass in motion, but starting to think about the people I won't be seeing, even just the neighborhood I won't be able to walk around in. Gives me a bit of pause. It's typical Koenig -- all jazzed up to be on the move and only later on really thinking about what's been left behind. Oh well, c'est la vie.

*I found that music above -- and clearly that other link to the same artist -- via my old collaborator Johnny Nichols (who's on my MySpace now, natch) who's getting effing married himself. Cheerio there.